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Being part of a three dog family, I know how important it is for individualized attention and personal understanding for every canine.  One of our goals is to make other pet parents aware of how to monitor their furry family member's health and well being.  Assessment massage and maintenance strokes are part of what we teach for use between professional massages. Monitoring the health of your beloved dog increases the benefits of massage.  We visit your home so your dog can feel safe and secure in his/her own environment while receiving a massage that will promote good health and Reiki that will increase healing.  As an alternative, gathering at a dog training center, groom shop, vet facility, pet store or scheduling a "canine massage party" can be arranged.  We look forward to talking with you so we can initiate a program that will fit your canine's needs and increase his/her health and happiness as well as to provide peace of mind for you.

Wellness massage promotes healing for canines recovering from surgery, calms and increases trust in shy, nervous K-9's, provides comfort and relaxation for dogs nearing the end of life.  Just as massage lowers blood pressure, promotes circulation and eliminates toxins from the system in humans, it does the same for canines.

Reiki is an ancient healing modality which is considered "energy medicine".  It is universal energy that is channeled through a Reiki practitioner trained and attuned by a Reiki Master Teacher.  Reiki benefits humans as well as animals and all living things by promoting healing, peacefulness and chakra clearing.

Treatments can be done via long distance as energy is not limited by time or space.  Long distance treatments are recommended for dogs that are aggressive and not easily calmed as well as those who are ill and nearing the end of their lives.  As behavior changes occur in aggressive or unruly dogs it may be a signal to introduce hands-on sessions.

Animal Reiki and Canine Massage are not a replacement for normal veterinary medical care from traditional sources.  Alternative and holistic modalities are complementary, adding to healing and good health.  Regular veterinary care is essential for animals and it is their right to receive the medical care needed.

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"I get so excited when Diane comes to see me that I wiggle and bark for 10 minutes. My hips and my paws feel much better after a massage so I hope Diane comes again soon."

-- Harley, Golden Retriever, Gurnee
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